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How Smart It Is a Truck to Be Controlled by a Cellphone!

Author: 管理员 | PublishTime: 2017/10/20

Smart age, smart life. In this age that science and technology are developing rapidly, we all have enjoyed the benefits of intelligence: the smart products like smartphone, intelligent A/C, smart watch, smart television and so on. Now, there is a smart truck with long head that can be controlled by a cellphone comes out dazzlingly- Chenglong T7, which have already come into the market in September 23th! So, how awesome is the Chenglong T7?


Operation with cellphone makes a more convenient life

Chenglong T7 truck is considered as “a mobile house” with characteristics of double comfort. What a convenient experience it is if you can control the truck through an APP called Chenglong V+ Internet of Vehicle.

Have you ever imaged that to control the truck through a cellphone? It comes true that control the power and start of Chenglong T7 through a cellphone. Then you have no need to rush from the rest area to the loading area, but walk leisurely toward the truck, which can save time of starting the truck.

Through  Chenglong V plus vehicle networking APP, you can activate the air conditioner by one button, to achieve comfort.

Now you can also just turn on lamp by one button through Chenglong V plus vehicle networking APP. It is convenient.


Array Driving, Low Cost for Intelligent Operation

Not only the convenience of vehicle operation has taken a big step on the smart truck, Chenglong T7 also planned the "array driving technology". Several vehicles of the same driving direction form a team. Through the VV, ACC and other technologies, the vehicles achieve real-time information exchange. The latter truck automatically follows the front truck within a small distance. The trucks could take a brake or slow down simultaneously. The working intensity of the drivers of the latter trucks reduce greatly or they could totally relax. Meanwhile, the wind resistance for the latter trucks can achieve the maximum reduction of 40%. The maximum fuel consumption reduction can be 20%. Taking fast transport industry for example, if two trucks drive in a queue, the annual cost reduced can be 94,000 yuan array driving! Realize intelligent driving!


The new long head truck Chenglong T7 is the first smart truck that can be controlled by cellphone in China! You can use your cellphone to control the truck, to start the truck, to turn on the light, to whistle, to open the window and A/C. And the truck also has an alignment driving technique to save the driving costs for motorcade. Chenglong T7, smart truck, Chenglongs quality, awesome!